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Fishing hook is the most important part of any fish tackle. This hook does two things. First of all, fishing hooks can deliver natural, or artificial bait to the fish.
Anatomy of fishing hook
The structure of the hook. The main parts are: eye, shank, bend, point, tip and barb. Also gap and throat used for description of the hook sizes.
And secondly, after hawing a bite, fish hooked by this hook, which allows us to land this fish. All other techniques of fishing without hooks include trapping fish by some kind of nets. Fishing with net is a more commercial, rather that recreational fishing.

All hooks are different and they made for they own purposes. When you choose fishing hooks to particular fishing event, it is necessary to understand, what king of fish we are planning to catch and in which environmental conditions we are planning to catch. Proper choice of fishing gear is crucial for successful fishing.

Fishing hooks can be differ by:

  • Types – different types of fishing hooks are used for the different purposes, and it is impossible to find the best, universal type of the fishing hook.
  • Size – the main rule, is to compare the size of the fish mouth and the size of the hook, they should match somehow.
  • Eye type – different hooks have different eyes and the tying technique for them should be diffeent.
  • Material – different type of metal and different coating are important when you think about life time and potential hook visibility.
  • Point type – hook points can be barbed or barbless. Hook point is important to penetrate flesh of the fish. It is also important, how easy to release the fish.

Different types of fishing hooks

The most common type of hooks is the J-hook,
Different types of fishing hooks
Main types of hooks for fishing. O'Shaughnessy, Kirby, Aberdeen, Limerick, Carlisle, Cam-action. Snealk, Sproat and Beak point types are show.
named after the shape of the letter J. These hooks are very traditional for anglers and everybody use them on the regular basis. Very similar to the J-hook is an Aberdeen hook. The main difference of the Aberdeen type is a very long shank.

Circle and Eagle claw hooks are hooks with bended shank. This allows to the hook to penetrate the fish mouth after fish movement. These hooks are more useful for fishing tackle which should works without attention.

Treble and double hooks are used either as a component of a lure, or independently for predictor fish with strong, solid bone mouth, like pike or perch.

Weedless hooks are now well known. They are used for catching fish on the waters full of weeds. These hooks are protected from penetrating or hooking as long as they not chewed by fish mouth. These hooks are perfect for example for dealing with Crucian carps.

Jig hooks, are extra weighted near the hook eye. These hooks can be used without sinker. These hooks can be used for winter fishing or for fishing on the rocky bottom.

All these different types of fishing hooks must be known and used appropriately for achievent the best results.

Where to buy

You can buy fish hooks in the local tackle shops and discuss with the shop kipper about your requirement for hooks, but also, you can buy fishing hooks online. Online shops have pros and cons, as all other shops. Lets briefly mention them:
  • Pros – cheaper price, wider choice
  • Cons – killing local businesses, you should know what to buy, no chance to touch before buying, long delivery time

From comparison of pros and cons for internet shops, it is possible to conclude, that you should buy fishing hooks online only if you well know what you are doing and much in advance to avoid any disapointments.

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