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Fishing line

Fishing line is the second important part of any fishing tackle.
Different fishing line
Wide range of fishing lines on the marker. You can choose almost anything for your fishing.
Basically, Fishing line is a cord, which connects hook with the fisherman. From this point of view it is possible to determine all important characteristics, which can affect the quality of the fishing line.

Parameters of the fishing line

Fishing line should be suitable for proper casting, long enough to reach fish, invisible for fish and strong enough to allow lift up the fish from the water. Also fishing line should be tear and wear resistant. While choosing proper fishing line, it is necessary to match all these parameters with your real task, because if you fail in any of these characteristics, the fish will never bite, or fish will break the line.

Also, for some special fishing techniques, specially shaped fishing lines can be used. Sometimes, it is impossible to find a line, which can obey all requirements, and in this case, the whole fishing tackle can be made from few different lines.

Materials and types

Modern lines can be made from plenty different materials with different properties, and it is your responsibility to choose proper fishing line. The most common materials are:
  • steel
  • nylon
  • polyvinylidene fluoride, also known as fluorocarbon or PVDF
  • polyethylene
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Fishing line can be single, mono-line, or multi-lined, with uniform or variable thickness. These factors are also very important for fishing.

Fishing line hazards

Modern fishing line are very robust and resistant to natural disintegrating factors,
Bird stacked in fishing line
Rescuing bird from the leftover fishing line.
therefore such lines can stay hundreds years if left unattended in the fishing place. To preserve nature, never throw any fishing line bits – always dispose it.

Another hazard from the fishing line to the nature – it is its invisibility and strength. Wild animals can be trapped and stay until they death in the pile of an old line.