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Leagal fishing rules

Fishing include usage of natural resources of the country, which basically belongs to everybody.
UK Rod Licence
Any Angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England, (exept the river Tweed), Wales, or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.
Rude, rapacious fishing by few anglers can ruin plenty of natural resources, which should be preserved for our future. Therefore, the angler's behaviour is limited or restricted in many counties by law and regulations.

It is very important to follow these rules. This is not only help you to avoid heavy fines and criminal prosecution, but also will allow you to enjoy by fishing without causing any damage to natural resources. Also, correct payment for national licenses and local tickets will help to rise money for protecting and development of natural resources.

Saltwater fishing, like shore, off-shore and boat fishing is different from coarse fishing. Different rules are applicable for this activity, which can be regulated not by country law, but by international laws and rules. But to be fare, it is necessary to note, that most of the sea fishing are related with commercial fishing and they are not applicable to individual anglers.

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