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Eagle claw fishing hooks

Why Eagle Claw?

Eagle claw fishing hooks is a fishing hooks with bended hook shank, which make this hook not flat. The point of the hook is not in the plain of the main hook body.
Eagle Claw Baitholder hooks
Eagle Claw fishing Hooks size 6, with baitholder barbs.
Therefore, this hook can always penetrate some flesh in the fish mouth after biting, rather than standard flat hooks can more easily slip away from the fish mouth. This fat make eagle claw more powerful than other type of hooks.

This type of hook bending can be used with any other features and shapes of hooks. For example, if you prefer to use Aberdeen hooks, it is better to bend the point of the hook away from the hook plain to make it more powerful to catch. Personally, I do prefer to use eagle claw circle hooks, as a most successful hooks for using on multiple rods.

Also it is necessary to know, that these hooks are often equipped with extra barbs, which can be placed near the hook point to make further stronger grip to the fish flesh. Some barbs can be located on the shank of the hooks to hold live bite much stronger rather that standard hooks.

Catch and release with Eagle Claw

Many experts consider Eagle Claw shape as a most dangerous shape for fishing.
Eagle Claw Aberdeen hooks
Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hooks size 4, double barb twist lock.
These hooks can accidentally catch the fish gills, gut or even stomach of the fish, swimming near the hook with the bite. Furthermore, shape of the hook and large number of barbs and baitholding barbs can lead to more damage of the fish during catching. Therefore, if you are planning to catch and release activity, it is better to avoid using the eagle claw, or use eagle claw barbless hooks.

Another way to catch and release with this type of hook, is to use hooks composed from the
Eagle Claw Barbless hooks
Eagle Claw Barbless hooks size 3/0 with laser sharper point. Quarter dollar shown as a size guide.
soft steel without coating. In water, especially in the salt water, these hooks will rust very quickly. It is only necessary to cut of the line as short as possible and release the fish.

Buy eagle claw hooks bulk!

Sometimes angler can ask, if I need only one treble hook, why should I buy for example eagle claw treble hooks bulk, but not as much as I needed for fishing? There are three main reasons for doing this.
Eagle Claw circle hooks
Eagle Claw circle hooks size 6/0.
  1. Firstly, if you buy in bulk, you will save plenty of plastic packaging materials, which mean less damage for the natural resources.
  2. Secondly, the prices of an individual eagle claw fishing hooks drops down significantly when you choose to buy in bulks.
  3. Thirdly, during fishing in many conditions, loosing hooks is very natural process. It is possible to loose dozen of them in one hour and professional angler should always have spare stock of hooks.

That is why it is much better and more cheaper to buy eagle claw hooks bulk.