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Mustad hooks catalog, size chart, jig, fly and circle hooks

Mustad and Son, A.O. is a very well known company from Norway, with fishing hooks, available virtually in each anglers shop.
Mustad 31/0 hook with logo
Giant demon Mustad circle hooks size 31/0 for shark fishing (model #CH39937NP-DT).
It is important to remember, that the proper name is Mustad hooks, not Mustard hooks!

Mustad hooks catalog includes all possible range of fishing hooks, from tiny 1mm hooks, size 32, up-to huge 31/0 hooks (measures more than 14″ long and 12″ wide with a 6 ½” gap) for multi-ton sharks. For any requirements it is possible to find suitable Mustad hooks for sale.

Cheap Mustad fishing hooks

If you look through the Mustad hooks catalog, it is possible to see, that these hooks are cheaper than similar hooks from other manufacturers. Is this good or bad? If you buy Mustad hooks bulk of the same size and compare all these hooks between each other, you can find, that the exact size and shape can be different from one hook to another. We never observe the difference for more than 5% within the same Mustad hook size chart. If you will use plenty of hook for one event, and do expect to loose plenty of them during bad fishing conditions, like rocky bottom or plenty of underwater weeds, then it is much easier to use these cheap hooks, and do not waste fortune with expensive hooks.

Some fishing rigs require plenty of hooks, and again for mass usage it is better to use cheaper version of hooks, rather than very expensive one.
Mustad jig hooks
Jig hooks from Mustad with 6oz lead head. Size 8/0.
This can save you a lot of money, specially, if you buy Mustad hooks bulk.

Mustad fishing hook variety

If you check the catalog of Mustad hooks for sale it is possible to see, that also, plenty of ready-made fishing rigs with hooks are also available. This is very important for example for tiny hooks, because is is not very easy to tie hook size 32 without special equipment.

Despite Mustad hook size chart is very wide, the range of special, non-standard J-type hooks is limited by few middle-sized hooks.

Jig hooks

Mustad jig hooks are usually produced of 10-12/0 sizes with plenty of different varieties:
  • 45° wide gap jig, size 2/0-8/0
  • 60° Circle Jig Hook, size 4-5/0
  • 90° Mustad jig hooks, which is excellent for Shakey head jig. Size 10-6/0. This hooks are perfect for using small jig and swim bait for very large fish, like salmon, trout, bass, etc.
  • 60° Sproat Jig, size 2/0-4/0
  • Aberdeen 30° Jig
  • Black Nickel Aberdeen 60° Jig
  • Mustad 60º Jig Hook - Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, round bend.

Also, plenty of jig hooks are available with led weight.

Circle hooks

Mustad circle hooks
New range of Mustad circle hooks. These hooks are available in 3 - 10/0 sizes, which covers most of the reasonable circle hooks demands.
Mustad circle hooks are very interesting for anglers. The range of this hooks is increasing permanently. These hooks are point curved in with ringed eye and they are finished with black nickel. These hooks are perfect for many different fishes, from huge catfishes, to the Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) and Mahi-Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus). These hooks where endorsed by Billfish Foundation for a very high jaw hooking percentage, due to point angled in a 96 degrees.

Circle Mustad hook chart for tuna fishing includes short shank large eyed hooks size from 8/0 to 16/0. These hooks are sharp and very durable.

Mustad specialists claims, that these circle hooks are the only hooks with Precision Proportions™. The design of the shank, eye, gap, length and pint angle are the best for the highest hooking ratio and maximum effectiveness. As they say “The Demon Perfect Circle Hook: The World's Only Proportionally Correct Circle Hook Range”.

Fly hooks

Mustad fly hooks
Mustad fly hooks from Mustad signature fly hook series. Saltwater Popper with kink shank.
The range of a Mustad fly hooks is interesting. Mustad hook chart for fly fishing includes two main categories:
  1. Classic Fly Hooks. All these hooks are made from hi-carbon steel with chemical sharpening, which gives the maximum strength and extra sharpening. These hooks includes the following types:
    • Double flyh hooks for salmon, size 14-2 barbed and barbless.
    • Dry fly hooks with extra thin wire, to be lighter than usual hooks. Size 20-4
    • Salmon Fly Hook, size 10-2/0
    • Salmon Treble Fly Hook, size 14-4
    • Shrimp and Caddis Pupae Hook, size 16-10
    • Wet Fly Hook, size 16-4 with bronze or gold surface.
  2. Signature Fly Hooks. Specially developed by Mustad specialists, these hooks are very strong and chemically sharpened, with specially designed proportions to ensure the maximal fishing success. Mustad hook chart of these hook type includes about 40 different types of hooks for any kind of fly fishing.

Out preferable Mustad fishing hooks for saltwater, are Aberdeen hooks. They are cheap, so it is not so expensive to change them very often. They are rust quickly in the salt water, which mean that lost hooks will disappear very quickly. They are bendable, which mean, if the hook is stuck somewhere in the seawater, it is possible to pull it out without serious damage to the whole rig.

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