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Lake and pond fishing in UK

Many, or, to be more correct, almost all lakes in UK are private. The water owners usually do organize some environment for anglers on their lakes.
Trout lake
Fly fishing on trout lake Barlow Fishery.
This includes the restocking of the fish population in the water to make fishing more interesting, exiting and pleasant.

Therefore water owners can set up they own rules of using fishing hooks UK. For example, many water owners in UK can specify the number of hooks per rod, number of hooks per angler, using of barbed and barbless hooks, range of hook sizes and other details of the fishing rigs used. Avoiding to comply with these local rules can be even a criminal offence, but usually anglers, who breach local rules of the fishing just banned from using this water in future. That is why it is very important to know the local rules and strictly follow them.

How to learn the local rules selected fishing pond or lake in UK?
Fishing shop uk
Local Fishing shop UK, DE45 1EE, Bakewell, 3a, Hebden Ct Matlock Street
The easiest way is to visit local fishing shop UK and ask a shopkeeper about local requirements. Very often local anglers shop can take fee for the fishing in some local waters.

Rivers and channels

It is very important to know the limitation for sizes of allowed fishing hooks UK. For example, if you would like to fish for Eels (Anguilla anguilla) it is prohibited to use hooks smaller than 12.7 mm (0.5 inches), or size 2-1/0 (check the size of particular hook manufacture – the actual size can be different), but this hook size rule is only applicable during close season.

Also, special rules can applied for fishing in a Sites of Special Scientific Interest. It is always necessary to check, where these sites are and which rules are applicable there, it is better to ask in the local fishing shop UK, they should know.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing is completely different from any coarse fishing. There is no close seasons and there is no limits on fishing hooks used in UK. The only rules can be applied for fishing in a Sites of Special Scientific Interest, like Spurn National Nature Reserve, or for minimal fish sizes, especially for the fishes of commercial interest, like sea bass or cod.

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