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Aberdeen fishing hooks

Aberdeen fishing hooks is a hook popular within crappy fisherman. This is a simple J-shaped think wired hook with long shank.
Aberdeen fishing hooks
Classical, or traditional size range of an Aberdeen hooks.
Usually this hook can easily be bended. Cheap and simple. But these disadvantages of Aberdeen fish hooks should be used as a dignity. In this article we will discuss how to use these Aberdeen hook with achieving the best results.

What is the Aberdeen hooks

Aberdeen hook is a J-shaped hook with a long shank, small eye and round bend. This is a simplest shape of the hook. All manufactures do they range of these hooks with a different wire quality, but generally, all of them are easily bendable. Aberdeen fishing hooks can be equipped with many different types of barbs, from very large one to a complete barbless type.

The main advantages of this hook are: long shank which can holds a reasonably long bait, like a worm, lug-worm, rag-worm,
Aberdeen hooks bulk
Buy Aberdeen hooks bulk to save plenty of money. Never skimp on theses hooks.
peeler-crab or mackerel stripes; long hook shank allows to de-hook caught fish more easily; also bendable hook can be pulled out from the trap in the water; and finally, long shank can protect the line from the fish teeth. The main disadvantages are: thin bendable shank can fail to hold large strong fish; cheap wire can go dull quickly.

How to buy Aberdeen fish hooks

If you would like to go fishing with these hooks, do follow these simple rules for the successful fishing:
  • Buy Aberdeen hooks bulk, this will save you plenty of money.
  • Store new hooks in small batches in sealed containers to avoid rusting.
  • Cheap mass-produced hooks can be damaged or wrongly produced. Check for missed barbs or partially opened eyes and discard these hooks.
  • Hook sizes from the different manufacturers can be different, so, check real sized before you buy.
  • Replace dull hooks immediately. Always keep enough stock of these hooks during fishing event for replacement of dull, bended and broken hooks.
  • Always chose proper hook size for fishing. Remember, that smaller hook can be more productive for small and average sized fishes, but can fail on large fishes.
  • Don't hide hook deeply into the bait.
  • Never use Aberdeen fishing hooks when serious large fish can be hooked.

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