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Gamakatsu fishing hooks

Gamakatsu fishing hooks began producing hooks in 1955 in Japan.
Gamakatsu logo
Gamakatsu logo, the sign of one of the best fishing hooks in the world.
Now this is a one of the best fishing hooks in the world with few factories located in different countries. I think it is possible to say, that Gamakatsu produce the most widest range of the different types of hooks for fishing. The most innovative ideas are tested in this company and they produce most effective hooks for any occasions, like Gamakatsu circle hooks for automatic fish hooking.

All Gamakatsu fishing hooks are made with very strong wire which make them almost unbendable. But if you need very strong hooks, many of the Gamakatsu hooks are produces with extra thick wire, like 2x or 4x thickness. Bearing in mind the price of these hooks, it is advisable to buy Gamakatsu hooks bulk.

Gamakatsu circle hooks

According to many independent reviews and feedbacks, modern Gamakatsu circle hooks are probably the best hooks in their productivity and catching rate. For example, one of the last model of 2013 year Nautilus Light Circle Hook, from Gamakatsu Nautilus series, available in sizes range 2-8/0 made with extra strong forged high carbon steel, with offset point give extraordinary hooking performance.
Gamakatsu jig hook with Gamakatsu bottom knocker, is unbeatable combination for catching bottom feeding predator fish. It is possible to watch this video of bottom knocker game forever.
It is almost impossible to imagine fishing hooks with higher productivity.

Gamakatsu jig hooks

Gamakatsu jig hooks, like other jig hooks are used for using with weight and usually with artificial bait together. Gamakatsu offers very wide range of all types and shapes of jig hooks. Furthermore, it is possible to buy ready made silicone bait, which looks almost like a lived creature. It is possible to watch, how these thin silicone or rubber baits playing in the water.

Gamakatsu saltwater hooks

Gamakatsu produce a very wide range of hooks for saltwater fishing. Here is a list of the last models of Gamakatsu saltwater hooks available on the marker:
  • Nautilus Light Circle Hook, size 2-8/0. Available in Nickel Silver Black (NSB) finish for corrosion resistance
  • Octopus Hooks, Circle 4x Strong, Straight Eye, size 1/0-8/0. It a good choice for many chunk bait.
  • Live Bait with Solid Ring. Size 2-4/0, designed for larger baits and heavier lines.
  • Live Bait Hooks. Size 12-9/0, Sticky sharp, super strong hooks
  • Live Bait Hooks, Light Wire. Size 6-3/0, delivers a more natural presentation for live baits
  • Nautilus Circle Hooks with Solid Ring. Size 2/0-6/0.
  • Live Bait Heavy Duty with Solid Ring. Size 2/0-6/0, A heavier live bait hook with a ring designed for bigger baits
  • Live Bait Light Wire with Solid Ring, size 6-1, perfect hook for small live baits
  • Live Bait Hooks, Heavy Duty Circle, size 5/0-12/0, the perfect hook for giant fish on big chunk baits
  • Live Bait Hooks, Heavy Duty, size 8-12/0, just very powerful hooks,
  • Nautilus Circle Hooks, size 1-6/0, This hook can be used for live bait or chunk bait
  • Super Nautilus Circle Hooks, size 4/0-11/0, favourite among demanding saltwater fishermen
  • Single 510, size 1-4/0, features a sticky sharp curved point with an outbarb for fast penetration and secure hook ups
  • Sea Hooks, size 16-6/0, hooks, just J-type hooks
  • O'Shaughnessy Hooks, size 8-10/0 with superior strength
  • Steel Assist With Magic Eye Swivel, size 3/0, 5/0, for toothy fishes.
  • Magnum Assist, size 8/0 and 10/0, is perfect for larger halibut jigs
  • Tuned Assist HD, size 8/0 and 10/0 with 270lb braided line.
  • Assist Hook 510, size 1-4/0, one of the first Assist hooks introduced in the US market
  • Super Nautilus Circle Hooks with Ring, size 5/0-9/0 to avoid deep hook sets and avoid line abrasion
  • Salt Water Hooks, size 7/0-13/0, for heavier lines for offshore big game fish.
  • Grouper Hooks, size 11/0-13/0, for pulling big grouper from the depths.
  • Circle Hooks, size 5/0-14/0, the only advice after hooking up is "hold on"
  • Circle Hooks, Big Eye, size 6/0-12/0, ideal hook for chunking for tuna and halibut
  • Tuna Hooks, Giant, size 3/0-10/0, when the fight goes from minutes to hours...
  • Tuna Hooks, size 6/0-13/0, Sharp, strong and effective.
  • Tuna Hooks, Double, size 1-9/0, can penetrates the toughest jaws.
  • Tuna Hooks, Blade Point, helps ensure a solid hook set

All these Gamakatsu saltwater hooks are probably the best on the market, they will never let you fail. Usually these hooks can be purchased by one, buy for money saving it is advisable to buy bulk Gamakatsu hooks.

Gamakatsu fly hooks

Gamakatsu shiner hooks
The shape of a Gamakatsu shiner hooks.
It is impossible to list all types of Gamakatsu fly hooks developed for fly fishing, but is is necessary to mention again, that these hooks are most efficient within many manufacturers. The smallest available hooks within Gamakatsu fly hooks range is the hook sized 24. Again, if you would like to buy some hooks from this range, we would like to advise you to buy bulk Gamakatsu hooks to save some money.

Another non-standard hooks are Gamakatsu big river hooks. These hooks are available in sizes from 1/0 to 12/0. The main features of these Gamakatsu big river hooks are: large gap, optimized penetration, more secured fish holding, turned eye for more effective snelling and corrosion resistant. These shape hooks are unique for this manufacturer only.

Gamakatsu shiner hooks

Another unique shape, is a Gamakatsu shiner hooks. These hooks are designed to fish live shiners, crawdads, and shrimp. These hooks enhance the live bait presentation. These hooks are perfect for the catfish bait.

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