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Fishing tackle shops in Essex

Essex is a large county located north-east of London.
Tanyards fishery
Picture of Tanyards fishery lake in East Essex.
The majority of lands in this county belongs to the agriculture. This make this place perfect for coastal and fresh water fishing. Huge number of lakes, ponds and rivers with well developed fishing spots can attract many fishermen from all country. Many of fishing tackle shops in Essex are located nearby the fishing spots, but some of them are located in the busy towns of this county.

Greater Thames Estuary and a warm water from English Channel give huge population of sea water fishes, which can attract many coastal and boat fishermen. To help with planning trip to Essex for fishing we create a list of fishing tackle shops in this county.

Seaside at Brightlingsea, Colchester, Essex
Perfect sea fishing spot at Brightlingsea, Colchester, Essex.
Usual advise before visiting any shops – never relay on this shop on you fishing trip and always have a backup plan. Look through out fishing tackle shop list in Essex and check not only location of the shops, but also opening time and if it is possible, check, that these shops are really open by ringing them. It is very easy to make a call and check the presence of any goods your after, rather than discover it after the long trip to the shop.

Fishing tackle shops in Essex

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