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How to knot a fishing hook

In this article we will explain how to knot a fishing hook, by few different ways. Follow our simple instructions, and your hook will never slipped away from the line!

Palomar Knot
Four simple steps to make Palomar knot.

How to knot a fishing hook

Palomar Knot

Palomar knot is one of the simplest knots, which required eyed hook. This knot will never go loose or untie. The steps are very easy. Pass the line loop through the hook eye (1) and make a simple tie loop (2). Pass the end of the loop over the hook (3) and tight it (4). This knot is perfect for braided line, but also suitable for mono line.

Uni Knot

Uni Knot
Four simple steps to make Uni knot.
Uni knot is slightly similar to the snell knot, but the placement of this knot is different. This knot is perfect for braided or mono line and required eyed hook. This knot is very strong and neat and almost never go loose or untie.

To make this knot you should: Pass the line two times through the hook eye and make a loop (1) Wrap around two lines with the tail about 5-8 times (2) Pull the line end to tight the knot (3) Pull the base of the line to reduce the loop and fix the knot to the hook (4).

It is necessary to practice a bit before this knot will be in your memory forever. It is possible to use this knot for tying any objects with eyes.

Clinch Knot

Clinch or bloodknot Knot
Three simple steps to make Clinch knot, also known as a Bloodknot.
Clinch knot is much simpler than uni knot, but it is very strong and never slips away. The only disadvantage, this knot require eyed hook and it can significantly weaken the mono line, therefore it is better for braided line.

To male this knot it is necessary to pass the line through the eye and wrap around the main line about 5 times (1) Pass the end of the line through the fist line loop, nearest to the hook eye and then through the largest loop (2) By pulling the both ends of the line, tight the knot into its shape.

Clinch knot is also known as a bloodknot.

Snell knot

Snell knot
Three simple steps to make Snell knot.
Snell knot is very similar to uni knot, but it wrapped not around the line, but around the hook's shank. This can give few advantages. Firstly, the hook's eye is not needed any more, the spade will works as well. Secondly, this knot less weaken the line in compare with any other knots. Thirdly, this knot is very strong and safe.

To make snell knot you sold: Pass the line through the hooks eye. It is much better to pass the line from the point side, rather than from the back. Make simple loop along the hooks shank. If you do not have an eye, just hold the line near the spade and imagine, that the eye is there. - this is a bit tricky, but after few trials it should be easy as well (1) Wrap hooks' shank and one part of the loop with the end of the line 5-8 times, do it neatly (2) Push all coils towards the eye and tight down the knot.

It is possible to make a snell knot on the basis of the bloodknot as well.

General advise

When knot is tightened to the final shape, the slip resistance and bending forces are very high and the temperature of the line in the tying knot can rise dramatically. This can seriously damage the line with loosing plenty of its strength. To avoid it, add a drop of water to the knot before the final tightening.

The best knot for fishing hook

In this article we look through few main knot for fishing hook, from simplest to a complicated one.
Snell knot vs Uni knot
Illustration with simple comparison of the Snell (right) and Uni (left) knots. The orientation of the circle fishing hook against the line with snell knot increase the chances of the success by 30%.
But the very important question is, what is the best knot for fishing hook? There are few major factor which should be taking into account.
  1. First of all, it is necessary to understand, how significant the knot reduce potential breaking strain of the fishing line. Very bad knots can reduce potential breaking strain of the line up to 50%.
  2. It is also important to understand, what will be happen with the orientation of the hook to the line. Compare snelled and tied circle hook on the picture. On average snelling can improve the observed catch rate up to 30%, and it is staggeringly!
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to remember, that some hooks have spade, rather than proper eye, and not all types of knots are suitable for them.
  4. And finally, the the best fishing hook knot should be easy! It is necessary to make it quickly and with repeated high quality.

After many trials and experiments, we found, that the best fishing hook knot is a snell knot. For almost all our fishing rigs we use this type of knots to tie hooks.