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Glow in the dark fishing line

Some fishes can only bait during the night or dark period of time.
Glow in the dark fishing line
One of the samples on glowing fishing line. This is a silicone tube which added to the line and make it glow.
It is reasonably difficult to go fishing during the night, because you cannot see anything without artificial light. One of the tools used to make a life a bit better is a glow in the dark fishing line.

What this line do and how it works? Obviously, that to produce any light it is necessary to have some source of energy, but the line dint have any inside. Therefore this line do not produce any light by itself. Such fishing line can only either reflect, or fluorescent some light. But to do so, it is necessary to have some light source, which can give some light to the line. In fact, to make your line glowing, it is necessary to use strong light directed to the line, which is not very convenient at the night and can be dangerous, if you have some fishermen, sitting on the other side of the river or narrow pond.

Furthermore, If you rod is reasonably big, then the fishing line can be displayed with the dark sky background. In this conditions, you cannot see slightly glow in the dark fishing line.

Set of glowing tubes
Set of glowing tubes, which can be used for make some glowing bits on the fishing line.
When you handle the line, for example when changing bait or amending the rigs, or de-hooking the fish, it is much better to use small light, because the line glowing will not be enough for any manipulating.

According to manufacturers, the glow in the dark fishing line can be better noticeable in the water, if you drop the whole fishing rod into the water. But this is not an every day event.

After considering of all these cases, it is possible to conclude, that such glowing fishing line is just a commercial trick, without any real importance in it. And therefore, our advise is, never consider the glowing of the line as a factor for choosing any particular line. Choose fishing line basing on any other important features for you and don't think about glowing.

Another thing, which can be used – is a silicone tubes, which can glow in the dark, These tubes can set on the fishing line near the hooks to attract the fishes to the bait. These tubes can do some good job for you (see the pictures).

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