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How to line a fishing pole

Fishing pole is different from the fishing rod.
Fishing pole
Traditional fishing pole with the line attached to the end of the pole. You should know how to line a fishing pole to avoid disappointment with it.
It is more sensitive and it is not equipped with rod eyes and reel. Therefore the question how to line a fishing pole is very common within anglers. In this article we will try to answer this question.

It is possible to equip fishing pole with standard reel and eyes and after attach a line by the standard way, but this is a wrong way of doing it.

Fishing pole is very gentle and sensitive king of rod. For example the good fishing pole of 11 meters length can weight only 305 grams, and 13 meter fishing pole can weight only 850 grams. These very strong and sensitive rods usually requires different way of lining.

One of the simplest way to do it, is attach the fishing line to the the end of the pole with simple loop made from two knots. The attached video explains this procedure with great details, and I think it is very informative and explains all the aspects of how to line a fishing pole.

Video, how to line a fishing pole. This is very simple and convenient way to attach line to the end of the pole only for a fishing event.
Generally speaking, the fishing pole is a very expensive equipment with the price jumping up to few thousand pounds per pole, and it is not necessary to buy it for the beginners. The fishing pole is a toy for a very professional anglers, who exactly know, what they want from it and how to use it. Fishing pole can provide you with extremely high accuracy of casting and fish feeding, which you will never achieve with other equipment.

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