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The best fishing line for carp

Carp fishing, specially in the well maintained carp lakes can be a great fun and the best fresh water fishing ever.
Fox Warrior XT Green Mono Line
Fox Warrior XT Green Mono Line is the optimal line for dark light conditions or for water with plenty of weeds.
Plenty of fishes with a decent size and regular bait can enjoy anybody. But this is only happen on proper carp farms. In other places carps can be wild and spooky and is is not very easy to catch them. To achieve any success in this case you should use the best fishing line for carp, otherwise you will significantly reduce your success.

Types of fishing lines used for carp fishing

Lets consider some choices for carp lines
  • Fluorocarbone fishing line Very expensive line with brilliant characteristics. But many of these characteristics are disappears during the time. Debris from the water make this line visible during the time. High maintenance cost, short life together with high price make this line ridiculously expensive. You can choose this line for carp fishing, but I would like to advise you to stay far away from this line.
  • Mono-filament fishing line Cheap simple line with standard properties. Not very robust, but do the job. Many anglers use this type of the line as constantly and completely happy with their choice. Using this line, you should remember two main rules:
    1. Stay away from dodgy brands, use only the best brands – the difference in the price is not significant, but the quality can differ dramatically.
    2. Change the line regularly.
      P-line CXX crystal Clear fishing line
      P-line CXX crystal Clear X-Tra strongfishing line, ideal for carp fishing at clear water and bright light conditions..
      If you do fish daily, change it every two month. Otherwise, change it twice a year. Don't worry, the line is fairly cheap and you do not waste plenty of money.
  • Braided fishing line. Many professional angles say, that the braided line is the best fishing line for carp fishing. Yes, this is truth, but not completely. First of all, you should remember, that some fisheries are ban braid line completely. You cannot use it ad a main line or as a hooklinks. Furthermore, braided line can make wind knots, which is a nightmare for anglers. Therefore I will not advise to use braid line for novice carp fishermen. Use it only when you exactly know, what you doing.

Which line to choose for carps?

First of all, you should choose the strength of the line. Generally speaking, for most occasions, the 16lb line will be enough for landing almost any carp in standard conditions, it is not necessary to use stronger line. For hooklink it is important to use thinner line. Many comparisons shows, that optimal is 8lb line – it is less noticeable for fish and more productive even than 12lb line.

Next important parameter is a colour of the line. The best fishing line for carp should match the colour with the environment of the pond. It is impossible to make perfect colour match, but you can follow these simple rules of colour selection. Do remember, when you visually compare your line with the environment colour – fish looks from the bottom and you looks from the top. You should basically compare colour of the line with the water, not the bottom of the pond.

  • If the water is clear and light is low, use dark fishing line
  • If the water is clear and the light is very bright, use crystal clear line
  • If the water full of weeds, use green line

And the final question, which brand and model of the fishing line should I buy, which is the best fishing line for carp have no exact answer. As we mention above, use proper type (mono), use proper thickness (16 and 8lb) and use proper colour of the line. Never buy very cheap dodgy brands, that's it.

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