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Fly hook size chart

One of the most important part of the successful trout fishing is selecting correct hook. Trout fishing is slightly different from fishing for any other predator fishes.
Fly fishing hook with artificial fly
Fly fishing hook size 10-12 with and artificial fly. Flies are similar to natural larvae, like Stonefly nymph, live caddis larvae, Hares ear and Edward larvae.
Trout is a shy fish and it is much more productive to use small hooks to catch them. It is necessary to remember, that small hooks should be as sharp as possible, and it is not good idea to use hooks with dull point.

If you prefer to use bait, rather than fly for trout fishing, it is important to hide the hook inside the bait, to make sure, that this hook is not visible from outside. Trout fishing hook size 14 to 10 is perfectly suitable to be covered by maggots for example. Otherwise, clever trout can refuse it and never touch. Also it is a good idea to use two hooks on the line with different baits, to check with bait if more interesting for local trout. But you should check the local regulations about maximal number of hooks allowed at once.

Trout fishing hook size is depends on the fish habits and environment. For example if the water is quiet and really clear, then trout are more smart in their feeding habits. In such cases it is better to use smaller hooks, sized from 14 to 10.

For fly fishing with an artificial fly it is not necessary to hide the hook point inside the fly.
Brown trout with size 18 hook
Properly hooked brown trout with the fly fishing hook size 18.
In this case the hook point looks like a fly leg or as a part of a wink and not scare trout from taking such artificial bait.

Please find the fly hook size chart below. In this chart one can find the fly fishing hook sizes for different trout spices. If you would like to use treble hooks, then you should take about 2 sizes smaller hook. According to our fishing experience, the treble hooks works perfect for trout fishing.

Fly hook size chart

Fly hook size chart given for large fishes, which usually can be hooked in large lakes. If you are planning to go foe small rivers with smaller fishes, then the hook sizes should be reduced by up-to 6 numbers.
Salmon or trout speciesHooks size
Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)8-6
Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush)4
Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)8-6
Slake trout (Salvelinus namaycush X Salvelinus fontinalis)8-6
Brown trout (Salmo trutta)8-6

Knowing the perfect fly fishing hook sizes chart is very important for successful trout fishing event, but the type of the hook is very important as well. If you planning to do catch and release fishing, then you should think about barbless hook. For barbless hooks you should follow the following rules:

  1. Use long fishing rod – this will help to play with fish
  2. Use very flexible rods
  3. Hooks should be extremely sharp
  4. Do one or two strong pulls at the beginning to set hook properly.
  5. Proper drag tension will help you to smooth the fish hits
  6. Use net to lift the fish
These rules also applicable for barbed hooks.

In addition to the fly fishing hook sizes, it is necessary to know the shape of the hook for the most successful fishing. From our point of view, the best results for trout fishing can be achieved with an Eagle Claw or an Octopus Eagle Claw. Furthermore, this hook should be properly snelled. How to tie hook with snelled know you can read by link below.

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