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Fishing hook protectors and covers

Fishing hooks are extremely sharp and dangerous objects.If you can only deeply pierce the skin, muscles and tendons with the barbless hook,
Fishing hook protectors
Fishing hook covers made of thin plastic tube.
with barbed hook you will damage them seriously. Open hooks can pierce any soft objects around and stuck in them, especially in the fabrics. Removing barbed hooks from the fabric is a very difficult task, which can take plenty of time and efforts.

The best way to protect hooks from playing around, is a fishing hook protectors. Another way is to keep hooks with short lines separately from the other fishing rigs and use them only during fishing event. These two main techniques are perfect for solving the problem of the fishing hook danger.

Fishing Hook Covers

Treble fishing hook covers
Plastic covers for treble hooks, made in Japan.
The simplest fish hook cowers, can be made of s thin plastic tube. Short pieces of the plastic tube can be fitted to each hook point. Even if the hook stuck with the barb in the plastic tube, it is possible to cut this tube by knife. This is a cheapest, simplest and quickest solution. One can buy these plastic tubes on ebay, or, the cheapest solution – use plastic cover from an old electric wires. Such plastic tubes are usually used for the protection of the single hooks.

Another classical fishing hook protectors are used for protection treble hooks. These fish hook covers are made from plastic plates and they are perfectly suitable for the treble hook shape.
Fishing with Hook-Eze - Hook Tying & Safety Device.
These safety capes are sold bulk in any tackle shop and on ebay as well. You should know, that L-size fishing hook safety cap is suitable for hook size 1 and 1/0. This kind of protection is used for covering double and treble hooks.

It is possible to combine fishing hook protectors and a tool for easy hook holding and handling, when tying line to it. As a good sample of such cover you can see first hook tying & safety device, a multi function tool invented by Ross Bain called Hook-Eze. On the video this Hook-Eze device is described in great detail.

Fishing hook holders

Foam pipe insulation hook holder
Foam pipe insulation used for fishing hook holding.
This is not exactly a fishing hook cover, but rather fishing hook holder. Just take a bar or a roll of any foam plastic, like Climaflex pipe insulation, or any other foam pipe insulation, or brick of strong styrofoam and you can holld as much fishing hooks as you need. This styrofoam brick can be very convinient to transport you hooks to and from fishing event. Sometimes it is very helpfull to have plenty of fishing hooks, with leaders stored in such way, as a spare hooks.

Safety first

It is doesn't matter, what kind of fishing hook protectors you prefer to use, but it is vital crucial to make sure, that no hook points are naked during transporting of the fishing rigs. At the worst, use soft foam rod handle as a hook holder and add cork from the wine bottle to the treble hooks.

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