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The best fishing hooks

Novice anglers always ask the same question: “Which is the best hook for fishing?”.
Long-spined Bullhead on wrong hook
Very long article about the best fish hooks can easily be refuted by this lovely 2 oz Long-spined Bullhead, aka Scorpion Fish (Taurulus bubalis) hooked by hook size 2/0. Or maybe this is an example of perfect hook, which can catch any fish.
In this review we will do our best to answer this question. How can we define the best fishing hooks? Probably, in this definition, we should include such parameters, like productivity of the hook, I.e. level of fish attraction and catch level, price of the hook and convenience to use. Let's consider all these parameters step-by-step.

In this section we will not discuss the attraction of an artificial bait or lures, this will be done somewhere else.

Please find some parameters, which can help you to chose the best fish hooks:

  1. Your fishing hooks should be very sharp. If the hooks are dull, plenty of fishes will be missed of the hook. Almost all modern hooks are sharp enough, but they loose their sharpness during some time. Fish skin, ground, bait, seaweeds, etc., will dull the fishing hook quickly. It is possible to sharpen dome large hooks, but it is better to change smaller hooks time to time.
  2. Fishing hook should not be very large. It should easily fit into the fish mouth completely. Of course fish can set on hook which is very big, but this is an exception, rather that rule.
  3. Use well known brands, because of their reliability, proven by the time.
    Sharpening of fishing hook
    Fishing hook sharpening with special file make this hook much better than dull one.
    The best fishing hooks should be very reliable.
  4. Learn the feeding habit of the fish you'd like to catch. If the fish deeply swallow bait with hook (like for example dog fish, or plaice) – use long shank hooks – they are easier for removing. If the fishes prefers to do power-strike (like wrasse, cod, mackerel), use short shank hooks, they are stronger.
  5. If you prefer to leave your fishing gear until the fish will be setted by itself, use circular hooks, like an octopus hooks. Never try to set the fish immediately by power action – you will loose the fish.
  6. Best hook for fishing should not rust very quickly, especially for the saltwater fishing.
  7. Don't forget about hook price. Use cheaper hooks if you expect to lose plenty, for example in the rock bottom.

At the first glance, it is possible to say, that the best hooks for fishing can be any hook, but in fact, the best fish hooks is defined by the fish specie and the fishing environment. Two completely different hooks can be the best hooks for fishing for different fish species. For example, I will never use circle hook against the Lesser spotted dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula), only cheap Aberdeen hooks. But if I'll go for Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta), I will choose the nice circle octopus hook.

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