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Barbless hooks for fishing

Why barbless

Recreational and sport fishing do often requires to release fish after landing, which is easier to do with barbless fish hooks.
Barbless treble hooks
Picture of the barbless treble hooks.
This can happen due to many reasons. Let's look through these cases:
  • Undersized fish It is prohibited to keep some species of undersized fished of commercial interest. It is impossible to avoid the landing of small fishes during the fishing event, but these small fishes should be released immediately.
  • Wrong season It is prohibited to catch some fish species during some time of the year. Usually this restriction related with keeping and protecting the fish population.
  • Catch and release event Some anglers do enjoy by fishing itself, but they do not need to keep fish. Some commercial fisheries do not allow to take fish off. In this case, fishes are released after catchment.
  • There is no license for particular fish In some places, the fishing licence do not cover all fishes, but only few of them. Again in this case it is necessary to release wrong fish.
  • Unwanted fish Sometimes, anglers do not require some particular fishes.

In all these cases it is better to release fish with causing as less damage to its body as possible, and barbless hooks for fishing are very helpful for this.
Barbless circle hook
Ideal barbless fishing hook (left) prepared by crimping from the barbed circle hook (right).
For those, who interesting in predator fishes, it is possible to find barbless treble hooks, which works on the same principle like single barbless hooks.

Barbless fishing hooks are hooks without a barb. Many fishing hook manufacturers produce plenty of different hooks without barbs. But they are different. Some of these have point, sharpen as a needle. Some of them have small bump instead of the barb. Barbed hooks converted to a barbless by crimping of the barb are very effective, because small bump do not allow for hook to escape, but they do not damage the fish at all.

How to use barbless fishing hooks

Barbless fish hooks requires some extra skills for fishing:
  1. Barbless hooks for fishing should never left untended. After bite fish can easily go off the hook if not pooled properly.
  2. After the fish bite always do few strong pulls to set up the hook completely. If hook is not setted completely, the fish can easily go off.
  3. When playing with the fish, never slack the line, always keep some adequate tension. Fish should always be pooled by hook.
  4. Use flexible rod, this will help you to keep proper tension.
  5. Point the rod up. This will give you plenty of flexibility and permanent extra tension.
  6. Use net for lifting medium and large fishes.

Following these rules will give you the full satisfaction of barbless fishing hooks during the angling event.

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