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Maruto fishing hooks

Maruto fishing hooks are not very well known within the ordinary anglers ,because these hooks are belongs to a top class products and they are not available in each anglers shop.
Maruto logo
Picture of the Maruto fish hooks logo.
Nevertheless, the fishing hooks from the Japanese company Dohitomi Co. Ltd. Are very valued within the professional anglers.

I forgot to say, that Maruto is a trademark owned by Dohitomi Co. Ltd. Also Dohitomi Co. Ltd. Produces fishing equipment under following trademarks: ODZ hooks, for game fishing; Eagle Wave, fish hooks for export; KOMA or TOR, some fishing equipment, like swivels; and of course Maruto fish hooks for all possible range of fishing hooks.

Maruto produces all possible ranges of fishing hooks, with shapes, traditional for European and Japanese fishing culture:

  • Japanese tuna hooks
    Traditional Japanese tuna hooks, produced by Maruto.
    Maruto fish hooks produces extremely wide range of saltwater commercial hooks for tuna and other type of saltwater fishes. These hooks includes stainless steel hooks and forged hooks of extra strength. The largest available saltwater Maruto fishing hooks are 16/0 for a single hook and 10/0 for treble hooks. Again these hooks are available in plenty different modifications and shapes.
  • Maruto produces special set of fishing hooks for the carp and Crucian carp fishing. These hooks includes wide selection of barbless hooks with plenty of different point shapes. Extremely sharp points give no change for carps to avoid the hooks and escape. Selection the Maruto fish hooks for carp fishing, it is necessary to remember, that all these hooks do not have proper eye, but rather equipped with spade-shaped end.
  • ODZ hooks are designed for bass fishing, mainly produced for the Japanese market, and they where rare appears on the European or American markets. These hooks includes plenty of jug-hooks with all types of extra weights and some interesting range of lures and artificial baits.
  • Main set of recreational fresh water hooks from Maruto includes worm hooks, carp hooks, fly hooks, lures and so called sabiki, or whole fishing ready-made rigs. The whole catalogue includes about 150 different types of fishing hooks, which is a very wide range, which can satisfy very choosy anglers.

Also, Maruto fishing hooks are very popular in Australia. More about Marutso hooks and Dohitomi Co. Ltd. Production you can read on official web site, where you can order some catalogues, or order in bulk selected hooks.

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