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How to line a fishing reel

Almost any fishing tackle include line and a reel with this line,
Arbour knot
The diagram shows how to line a fishing reel with the simple Arbour knot.
and it is very important to know, how to line a fishing reel. In many cases, especially for coarse fishing, the line on the reel is much longer than it is necessary for casting and fishing. But sea fishing is different. Good cast and a deep water, or a long trawling can consume a thousand meter of fishing line. And sometimes line was used completely and only the knot on the reel can stop the line. Therefore it is very important to line a fishing reel properly.

Another case when you need to have a line strongly tied ti the reel – when you drop the rod into the water. In this case the only way to fish the rood, is to pull it by the line, and the line should hold the rod very well.

The knot on the fishing reel should be self-tightening, and this knot should allow you to reel all the line without slipping.

The simplest way to tie line to the reel is to use Arbour know. This knot comprises from two simple overhand knots. One knot is holding the tag end to the main line and allow to slip along the line, and the second overhand knot stops slipping and allow to self-tighten the line to the reel spool.

Very interesting video showing how to line a fishing reel. I think it will be interesting for everybody. This knot represent a bit more complicated version of an Arbour knot.
The arbour knot is perfect to attach fishing line to any king of spool or reels, including casting reel, spinning reel and fly reel.

To make an Arbour knot you should:

  1. wrap the line few times around the spool or the reel.
  2. Make a simple overhand knot on the tag end, and make sure, that this knot is wrapping the main line.
  3. make another overhand knot on the very end of the tag end.
  4. Pull the main line to tighten the knots
  5. Now you can spin the reel and fill it with the fishing line.

Now you can see how to line a fishing reel properly, and we hope that these knowledges will be with you all the time.

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