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How to hook a fishing line

The whole idea of the fishing with fishing rod is to deliver fishing hook to the fish, and then,
The best knot for hook
The best knot for tie hook to the line. This fig is completely explain, how to hook a fishing line.
take it out together with fish. All fishing tackle is designed to do that. Therefore, it is very important to know how to hook a fishing line.

How to choose the line for the hook leader

First of all, we strongly recommend to use short leaders to hooks and keep them separately, only using them during fishing. Never attach the fishing hook directly to the main line.

Secondly, you should choose the line for the hook rigs accordingly to the fish you planning to catch. Some fishes have very sharp tooth and only steel leaders can survive during the fish lifting time.

Thirdly, if you know, that it is very easy to loose a hook, by hooking something artificial in the water, it is better to use the hook leader weaker than main line. In this case you only loose the hook, but not the whole tackle.

How to tie hook to a line

As we discuss above, the line attached to the hook can be traditional fishing line, or metal leader. If you want to attach metal leader to the hook, then it will be very easy - every metal leader have small rings at the end, which can be used for attaching to the hook eye.

How to hook a fishing line if you using the braided line? From our point of view it is not very convenient to use braided line as a hook leaders. Braided line works much better with as a main fishing line. When it used as a hook leader, it can tangle around main line and create plenty of mess. Therefore it is better to avoid this line for hooks.

The most traditional line used with hooks is a monofilament fishing line, and any fisherman should ideally know, how to hook this type of fishing line. Of course, it is possible to buy already made rig, but there are plenty of situations, when these knowledges can be vital. This should know even the beginner.

There are plenty different knots for attaching fishing hook to the line, and you already probably know some, but we think, that not all nots are universal. Some of them are perfect in one case, other are suitable for other cases. For example thin and thick monofilament line can be tied differently. Hooks with spade are more sensitive for roper knot, rather than hooks with eye.

On the picture you can see step by step, how to tie hoot to the line. It looks a bit complicated and in fact it is, but this is the best know we know. This is one of so called Snell knots, which slightly turn the hook towards the line, which increase the chances of success by 30%.

  1. Pass the line through the hooks eye and make a loop along the hooks shank. In the hook is equipped with spade instead of eye, then just make a loop along the shank.
  2. Wrap the tag end around the loop together with hooks shank 5-7 times, moving from the eye towards the hooks bend. At this stage, it is very important to hold whole construction. It is easier to hold hook at the eye by two fingers.
  3. Pass the end tag through the loop
  4. Pull the lines to tight the knot. You can tight it anywhere on the hook and then shift it towards the eye.

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